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V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons in V Rising

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V Rising, a character is using a long weapon to battle a large bear-like beast in a forest

The best weapons in V Rising aren’t always the ones that hit the hardest. A weapon’s skills and area of effect are just as important, but the biggest factor to consider is its attack speed. A crossbow might be impressive and have high range, but it can’t quite stack up to a sword, which hits maybe two or three times in the time it takes to reload your bolts.

Finding the right weapon for you can take some time, but we've put together this tier list to help you. We've listed the best weapons in V Rising, then detailed their damage stats, and abilities so that you can make an informed decision about which ones to use on your journey to become a powerful Vampire.

V Rising Weapons Tier List

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Slasher
  • Reaper
  • Spear
  • Mace
  • Crossbow

What is the best weapon in V Rising?

The Sword is hard to beat, thanks to its excellent DPS and powerful skills, though if you want something a bit stronger or more interesting, the Axe and Slasher are excellent picks. The Axe sacrifices speed for power, so keep that in mind if you’re surrounded by mobs. The Slasher’s stealth skills more than make up for its middling attack power, especially in PvP mode.

The Reaper is a versatile weapon that, unlike most, deals damage in a broader area and inflicts some very useful status effects. The mace is a bit too unwieldy to really be useful, though it certainly hits hard. If you’ve grown familiar with a boss’ patterns and don’t mind weighty movements, then give it a try in single combat.

Finally is the crossbow, which works primarily as a support weapon when you’re playing with others. It’s viable in a solo game, but the rate of fire is just too slow to make it practical.

V Rising Weapon Abilities and Damage

V Rising has seven weapons, with (almost) each having a unique set of abilities and combos to augment their base damage.


  • Damage: 35/35/40
  • Ability 1: Whirlwind – Spin for 1.1 seconds and slice enemies, dealing 35% damage
  • Ability 2: Shockwave – Generates a shockwave that deals 70% damage and launches the enemy. Use the skill again to warp to the enemy and attack three more times, with each strike dealing 25% damage.


  • Damage: 45/45/55
  • Ability 1: Frenzy – Dashes forward and attacks enemy, dealing 100% damage. Increase attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 25% if the attack connects.
  • Ability 2: X-Strike – Throws two axes in a cross (X) shape. Each deals 85% damage and slows enemies. If both hit, the enemy will be incapacitated for 2 seconds.


  • Damage: 40/40/50
  • Ability 1: A Thousand Spears – Perform eight consecutive thrusts, each dealing 30% damage. Use again during the ability to perform one thrust that deals 50% damage and knocks nearby enemies back.
  • Ability 2: Harpoon – Throw a spear that deals 70% damage and pulls enemies toward you.


  • Damage: 50/50/60
  • Ability 1: Crushing Blow – Leap to the target area and slam the mace down, dealing 110% damage in a wide area of effect.
  • Ability 2: Smack - Attacks enemies in front of you, deals 50% damage, knocks them back, and incapacitates them for 1.2 seconds
V Rising, a character is walking through stone streets holding a large sword beside them


  • Damage: 50/50/55
  • Ability 1: Tendon Swing – Swings the weapon in an arc and deals 125% damage. Knocks foes back and inflicts fading snare for two seconds.
  • Ability 2: Howling Reaper – Throws the reaper and makes it spin for 2.5 seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. The first hit slows enemies.


  • Damage: 27.5/27.5/35
  • Ability 1: Elusive Strike – Dashes past the target several times and deals 60% damage with each hit. Each hit also inflicts slow for two seconds.
  • Ability 2: Camouflage – Disappear for six seconds. Increases movement speed by 25%. Your next non-ability attack will deal 80% damage, but using a skill during the ability’s duration will automatically break the camouflage.


  • Damage: 110
  • Ability 1: Rain of Bolts – Fires five bolts into the air that rain down on enemies and deal 40% damage.
  • Ability 2: Snapshot – Fires a bolt that deals 75% damage, inflicts fading snare, and interrupts casting.

Can you upgrade your weapons in V Rising?

In a sense, your weapons in V Rising are upgradeable as you fashion new ones using different, better materials. For example, all weapons in V Rising typically have one basic attack and two abilities to employ, but these two abilities are not automatically unlocked as you pick up your first weapon.

Copper weapons will be privy to one ability, meanwhile weapons made of iron or higher will unlock the second ability, too. Keep in mind, however, the durability of your weapon over time; these are easier to repair with the right resources than it can be to make a new one altogether.

That being said, a Workbench is required to repair your weapons or enhance them with new materials. When it comes to upgradability, this appears to be about all there is to upgrading your weapons in V Rising: make sure it's made from the best resources your have, and don't let it break.

You also cannot make any changes to the abilities that your weapon has. If you wish to try out new abilities, you'll need to pick up a new weapon!

If you're looking for more help with V Rising, check out how to get the paper press and how to get Soul Shards, or, if you're wanting to do less, our servants guide has some tips how to get the most out of your thralls.

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