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Tower of Fantasy map - how to unlock world map

Tired of a blurred mini-map? Here's how to reveal the geography!
circus wheel in tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is out, and while it has a fairly detailed tutorial taking you through each aspect of the game, unlocking the unblurred map is left until quite late, and doesn’t really go into too much depth on how to go about unlocking the full world map.

As such, we’ve written this quick guide on how to unlock the Tower of Fantasy map so you can better plot route through this summer’s hottest anime Gacha RPG.

Check out this trailer for Tower of Fantasy!

How to unlock the Tower of Fantasy map

In each region in Tower of Fantasy, there will be a Omnium tower located somewhere in the overworld. To unlock an unblurred map for that region, you’ll need to make your way to these towers and climb to the top to reveal the full geography of the area.

The scrapper at the top of an Omnium tower in Tower of Fantasy
When you've reached the top, it's simple to unlock the regional map for that area!

To find out the location of these towers, open your map and scroll over to the location you’re trying to reveal. You can find the location of the tower by looking for the Omnium tower symbol - it looks like a crescent moon with a small circle inside and a pillar below it.. We recommend making a surefire sprint to this tower the moment you enter a new region, as it makes the process of exploring the area far easier.

Omnium tower (see circled) on the world map, post activation in Tower of Fantasy.
The Symbol for the Omnium tower is quite distinct, and you should head there asap!

What does the Omnium tower reveal

So what does revealing the map for a region actually do? Since you can already see major landmarks already, what’s the point? Well, beside making it easier to actual navigate the environment, it also reveals the following landmarks in the area:

  • Strongholds
  • Ruins
  • World bosses

As such, if you’re looking to fully explore the world, or more importantly, are looking for a good source of resources and rare drops, you’ll want to reveal the map asap!

That wraps up our guide on how to reveal the map in Tower of Fantasy! For more Tower of Fantasy guides, check out our Tower of Fantasy codes page!

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