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Elden Ring patch allows Bell Bearings to carry over into NG+, makes quitting to desktop easier

FromSoftware dropped a surprise new patch for Elden Ring that fixes a tonne of bugs, and adds a couple of welcome features.

Elden Ring has received a new update. Patch 1.05 went live on all platforms on Monday. Though it's not the most exciting, it does include a few neat additions, alongside several bug fixes.

The update was preceded by a three-hour maintenance on all platforms, and installing it is required to access the game's online environment for passive multiplayer (messages etc.) as well as co-op and PvP.

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One of the biggest new additions in the update is that Bell Bearings, which unlock upgrade materials and other crucial items for purchase at the Twin Maiden Husks, now carry over into New Game Plus, meaning you only need to find them once to have them forever.

For players looking to summon others for help, there's now a sound effect whenever a summon sign appears. Hopefully this won't get annoying outside of boss rooms as signs appear and disappear. On PC, there's now an option to quit directly to desktop, without having to first go to the main menu.

Players using mouse and keyboard can more easily get past the 'Press Any Button' prompt, too. Another small, but important addition comes to PC players with multi-monitor setups, or those who alt-tab frequently: the mouse click used to bring the window into focus will no longer perform an attack in-game.

There's also also a fix for a bug that slowed performance when changing from full-screen to windowed, and when altering the game's resolution in certain cases.

Most of the other general bug fixes concern weapons and items when used in certain circumstances. A few of those can be seen as stealth balance changes, depending on whether or not you believe the previous behaviour was intended.

FromSoftware also blocked a couple of holes in the environment that allowed players to glitch into locked areas, such as the coliseums. It's still not clear what purpose those locations serve, but many reckon they will turn into PvP arenas for a future DLC.

You can read the full change log on Bandai Namco's official website.

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